Rosmini’s William Heather suffers ankle injury; will miss 4-to-5 weeks

Rosmini College basketball star William Heather, suffered a Grade 2 left ankle sprain on Friday night and will miss 4-to-5 weeks of action.

Heather went down during Friday night’s 61-56 victory over Auckland Grammar and was initially told it may be broken.

“I went up for a rebound, came down and landed on somebody’s foot. I got helped to the bench and was told that it may be broken,” says the 17-year-old.


William Heather at the Tom Gerrard Gymnasium. Photo/Jake Fitzgibbon

William says he went to see the doctor on Saturday morning to get X-rays and an official diagnosis.

“The good news is that it’s not broken,” says William, as a broken foot could have added another month or two onto his recovery timeline.

Early indications were that William had fractured his foot and could be facing up to two months on the sidelines.

“I had been to the physio a couple times already and they said the timeframe could be 1-to-2 months,” says Heather.

William says he was “stoked” after hearing the news it was only an ankle sprain and that he won’t miss as much time as he originally expected.

While the timeframe is shorter than expected, it’s still going to be a lengthy spell on the sidelines for Heather who was feeling the best he’s physically felt in a while.

“Everything was going good. I felt way more athletic than last year which is really what I was trying to focus on and now that I’m injured, it’s kind of sad,” says William.

Heather is trying to find the positives in a tough situation, saying he will now have more time to “focus academically”, as academics are a top consideration for American schools.

“I can focus on academics now because I don’t have as much of a workload [with training],” he says.

Injuries are always deflating, but the 6-foot-9 star says he is confident everything will work out as he keeps his sights firmly set on a future in basketball.

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